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Candidates are people and are as different from each other as pebbles on a beach, yet recruitment processes tend to homogenise candidates and treat them as if they were in fact identical. Take screening questions which are usually around 8 to 10 formulaic sentences looking for the same information usually around the requirement of the clients job description, salary, skills, experience and so on. Yet at least half of what will make your candidate successful is not generally assessed, i.e. who they are as a person, they dynamics and approach to life, how positive and proactive they are, social skills like being able to work both in a team and independently. 
Of course many of our clients do not require us to assess these less observable and not easily assessed aspects of a candidate however consider the added value these assessments might bring to your recruitment processes and how they could be used to build a more in depth and professional relationship with your clients and what a way to justify those fees. Clients in general do not engage recruiters to provide them with psychometric profiling abilities, however they do want recruiters to have an understanding of their businesses, their working environment and practices and to give some thought to whether the candidates they are submitting are potentially a match not just in skills and experience but also personality too. 
This can also provide a means to differentiate your recruitment services from the growing number of me-too agencies that are flooding all sectors of industry and commerce and in some ways undermining both services and fee levels. Do not get me wrong competition is healthy and important in driving innovation and change but equally service saturation can drive service levels down and more importantly perceptions of the recruitment sector making it harder to engage our clients in what we are trying to do.This content will be shown in the summary on the main blog page. Click on this text to edit it. 
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