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Posts from June 2017

In the past two years record numbers of recruitment companies have been established operating across a very wide range of industrial, commercial, technical and public sectors. No one knows quite how many agencies there are in total and just what is a recruitment company anyway? For example some job boards try to attract clients directly to assist them with their recruitment, there are also other service providers to the sector whose primary focus is not recruitment but who still take on assignments to assist with their own client’s needs. 
Mental health is slowing climbing the health agenda as more and more prominent people talk about how they or those close to them have been affected by a range of debilitating and often over whelming mental health issues. More than 15 million working days a year are lost to problems of depression, anxiety or stress, costing businesses up to £70bn annually. It is estimated that 1 in 4 people will at some point in their lives have to take time out from work or be away from their families to deal with their issues. 
What is a vocation? 
Is it the idea that you know what you wish to do with your life, the type of work, profession or activities you feel you want to pursue. The idea of a vocation has its roots in certain types of religious experience that some people had and which are often described in terms of a Divine intervention or revelation. This idea of a “calling” has become secularised and found its way into main stream thinking. 


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